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    Produsul tău merită ambalajul meu!
  • Mirrida
    Produsul tău merită ambalajul meu!
  • Mirrida
    Produsul tău merită ambalajul meu!
  • Mirrida
    Produsul tău merită ambalajul meu!

About us

We provide a wide range of packaging of any form, any material (wood, rigid cardboard, textile etc.) and with a high level of complexity for producers of luxury goods.

Packages offered by our company are used in the cosmetics industry, perfumery, alcohol, sweets, jewelry and other high-quality products.

Our packages permanetly amaze both our regular customers and new ones, attracting with they originality.

Our customers can choose the packaging they need from simplest shapes and materials, to the most complex and sophisticated. Packages can be personalized, acording to the requirements of each customer. Can be made of wood, rigid cardboard with natural or ecological leather, impregnated, matallic paper, paper coupled with jute, nylon, heavy fabrics, and these are just few examples of the options we can offer to you.

About us


  • How do you descover the potential of your product?
  • How do you increase your remarkability?
  • How do you liquidate your stocks?

These are just few questions that come up with you, the Businessman, when you think about money!

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  • When do you need packaging?
  • How do you organize the supply of the company with packaging?
  • Where do you store the packaging?
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Fabricare ambalajelor
  • What is the quality of your product's packaging?
  • What are your product's packaging standards?
  • What are the tomorrow customer's expectations?

Which? Why? For what? How? When?

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  • Why aren't you different from others?
  • Why is your competitor's product bought?
  • Why the end consummer does not stop at your product?

Henry Ford said once: „If I listened to what people wanted, I would build a faster horse.” 

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  • 1
    You refine the aesthetic part of your quality product.
  • 2
    To incent your costumers to buy.
  • 3
    Because your products packed in our boxes allow you to place in the luxury segment of the market you are in, where they will compete with other products whose brands are recognized worldwide.
  • 4
    Because only here you can find in one place consultancy services, logistical services, design and manufacturing of package of environment friendly, quality materials.